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Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Rambler
Our Price: $9.95

For use with the Low Rider Rack (Sold Seperately)

Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Rover
Our Price: $9.95

For use with the Low Rider Rack (Sold Seperately)

Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Sportster
Our Price: $9.95

For use with the Low Rider Rack (Sold Seperately)

Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Gran Tourismo
Our Price: $9.95

For use with the Low Rider Rack (Sold Seperately)

Bottle Pocket
Our Price: $19.95

You can now put a water bottle pretty much anywhere!

The TerraTrike Bottle Pocket is a padded sleeve that easily attaches to your trike via the integrated Velcro strap on the side.

The Pocket also has a tie string to ensure that it keeps your water bottle secure and a reflective strip to make you more visible.

Easy Reach Bag
Our Price: $19.95

The Easy Reach Bag is the perfect solution for the rider that wants a simple, durable bag to carry the items most riders have in their pockets.

It is large enough to carry your keys, wallet, camera or trail snack, and the Velcro strap allows you to mount it just about anywhere.

The inside features two interior pockets and is gusseted so as not to allow your objects to fall out when opened.

Versa Bag
Our Price: $24.95

Designed to attach to our popular VersaBars accessory, this bag is great for your cell phone wallet, camera, keys or map.

When used with the VersaBars, it is easily accessible while riding. It is nice and deep so that your items don’t fall out when opened.

The outside has a clear vinyl pocket so you can stow a trail map and still be able to read it without pulling it out.

Secured with two Velcro straps, it can also be easily pulled off and taken with you for those quick stops at the coffee shop.

Seat Bag
Seat Bag
Our Price: $29.95

A very handy container for your pocket items or a water bladder.

At 135 cubic inches, the Seat Bag is large enough to hold your cell phone, wallet, keys, bike tools, etc. Or it can hold a water bladder up to 1.5L. The bag slips over the back or bottom of the seat and can easily be removed and carried by the handle on the top. It has a zipper closure under a protective flap. This bag is very durable, flexible, and water repellant. It provides excellent use of free space and will not interfere with the Head Rest, Rear Rack, trunk pack, or panniers.

Deluxe Seat Bag
Our Price: $44.95

The Deluxe Seat bag is a more refined and deluxe version of our original seat bag.

With 2 clips and a bottom strap, the bag will remain securely mounted to the back of your seat.

The full width zipper allows for easy access and the top flap opens such that items won’t fall out.

This is the perfect solution for storing cell phone, wallet, keys, camera, tools, a pump or your lunch.

Market Pannier
Market Pannier
Our Price: $59.95

These great bags are the perfect size to put a full bag of groceries in. The quick release is designed to quickly be detached and taken right into the store or farmers market. It attaches directly to your Rear Rack (sold separately).

Trunk Pack
Trunk Pack
Our Price: $59.95

A handy, durable bag that attaches to the top of the Rear Rack (not included) using four built-in Velcro straps.

The Trunk Pack contains a large main compartment as well as two side zippered compartments.

Aluminum Rack with Elastic Strap
Cargo Rack
Our Price: $69.95

Our custom rack sits above the rear wheel and allows for attachment of panniers and a trunk pack. Made of aluminum, it is both durable and light weight. The Rear Rack will accommodate panniers made to fit over 20" wheels.

Stowaway Bag
Our Price: $79.95

The Stowaway Bag is the most unique bag in the Storage Solutions family. This “U” shaped bag fits neatly behind the seat, wraps around the rear tire and sits low to help lower your trike’s center of gravity.

The zippered ends allow for easy storage from either side and the Velcro interior partitions let you customize the space to accommodate your storage needs.

Commuter Pannier
Our Price: $89.95

The Commuter Pannier is perfect for the rider that wants a safe way to transport their laptop, papers or text books.

Designed with the look and feel of a commuter type bag, there are plenty of pockets and space to make this your mobile briefcase.

It also doubles simply as extra storage for any adventure.

Low Rider Rack
Our Price: $89.95

Our custom Low Rider rack is designed to sit behind and below the seat. It allows for attachment of panniers and is also the perfect mounting point for electric assist batteries, lowering your trike’s center of gravity. Designed for use with the Rover, Rambler, and Sportster models.

Requires the addition of the appropriate model Fit Kit for an additional $9.95.

Choose a Rambler Fit Kit, Sportster Fit Kit, or Rover Fit Kit (not compatible with Rover x8 model).

Trunk Pack - Expandable
Deluxe Trunk Pack
Our Price: $99.95

A handy, durable bag that attaches to the top of the Rear Rack (not included) using a custom mounting bracket. The expandable side pockets unfold into mini panniers adding even more space.

The top also unzips and “pops up” to give an additional 2” of storage height.

It also features a custom mounting plate that allows for quick detachment from the rack to allow you to easily take the Deluxe Trunk Pack with you.

Expedition Pannier
Our Price: $99.95

The Expedition Pannier is the most accommodating of all the bags in the Storage Solutions collection. It is sized to carry almost everything you would need for a trike adventure.

The two zippered extension pockets on the end expand the overall length of the bag allowing you to fit a tent, camping chair and even a fishing pole.

Combine this with a trunk pack and panniers and you’ll be able to fit all of the gear needed for any expedition.

Adventure Panniers
Our Price: $129.00

A set of two durable saddle bags with plenty of storage volume. Great for touring, commuting to work, or getting groceries.

Each pannier contains a large inner compartment as well as a smaller side compartment and two mesh outer pockets.