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Parking Brake Strap
Parking Brake Strap
Our Price: $1.95

This Velcro strap helps eliminate the rocking a trike can have while being used with an indoor trainer.
Seat Wedge
Our Price: $14.95

Creates a raised area at the front of the seat to add support and reduce forward shift. This great solution has the following key features:
-Firm material to provide support
-Wedge shape creates a secure “bucket seat” feel
-Fits snuggly into existing seat mesh
-Can be used with seat cushion
Dual Control Brake Lever
Dual Control Brake Lever
Our Price: $19.95

Do you need to operate both brakes with one hand?
Locking Brake Lever Set
Locking Brake Lever Set
Our Price: $19.95

This Promax brake lever set includes a locking hand brake lever on BOTH brakes
Grip Glove
Our Price: $29.95

Our Grip Glove is the perfect way to secure your hand(s) to your trike’s handlebars. Simply slide glove onto handlebar using slots in glove, use Velcro® straps to secure glove to hand and trim away excess length to fit. Made of durable neoprene and Velcro® construction, the simple installation fits most handlebars.

  • Ambi-fit (fits right or left hand)
  • One size fits all
  • Easy “trim to fit” sizing
  • Washable (machine wash, air dry)
  • Contains: One grip glove
Seat Foam
Seat Foam
Our Price: $39.95

The seat foam is made of a closed cell foam that adds extra comfort to your ride.
Power Grip Pedals
Power Grip Pedals w/Straps
Our Price: $44.95

Clipless power without the catch. Power Grips are a simple, easy way to increase your pedal power, without the locked in feel of clipless pedals or toe clips.
Lumbar Support Cushion
Our Price: $49.95

This customizable cushion allows for extra comfort and support for the lower back. The three piece removable foam inserts come in different textures that allows you to adjust it to your needs. The foam mesh cover provides you with a lightweight and breathable ride. Attaches to the back of the seat in between the adjustable straps.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Three piece removable foam inserts
Clipless Pedals
Clipless Pedals
Our Price: $54.95

Shimano PD-M520 Black Performance Pedals.
Seat Mesh
Our Price: $54.95

In the event that your TerraTrike's seat mesh sustains damage or excessive wear, we recommend replacing the mesh to ensure the best quality ride. The breathable mesh easily buckles around any generation TerraTrike seat frame, and the adjustable straps tighten to provide custom support. This item is also a good buy for Rover owners who would like to upgrade from the stock nylon material on the Rover seat to the breathable mesh.
Wide Handlebars, Direct Steer
Our Price: $64.95

The new wide handlebar option made especially for the Rover for the comfort and enjoyment of riders of any type. These handlebars add 2.5 inches of space to either side of the trike’s cockpit area compared to a standard set up. The handlebars are also compatible with Ramblers and Travelers  prior to the 2016 model year.
Clipless/Platform Pedals
Our Price: $79.95

Shimano PD-324 .

The perfect pedal for the variable rider!

If you use one bike for lots of different activities, the Shimano PD-M324 is a good choice. One side of the pedal features a standard platform for use with street shoes -- perfect for impromptu trips to the grocery store and other informal joyrides. The other side of the pedal is a fully featured SPD-specific clip interface that provides extra efficiency and security for more intense types of riding. Includes one pair of two-bolt SPD cleats.
Versa Bars
List Price: $89.95
Our Price: $89.95

Designed to help riders enter and exit their trike more easily, the Versa Bars are a simple and effective solution.
Offered as a pair, they provide accessory mounting options and an entry/exit assist. Load them up with water bottles, smartphone and lights to explore for the day. Grab the ends to facilitate getting in and out.
Strapped Heel Support Pedal
Strapped Heel Support Pedal
Our Price: $145.00

This pedal set is perfect for the rider that wants to totally secure their feet to a pedal
Our Price: $149.00

This ultra-comfortable premium head rest adjusts in four planes to insure a comfortable position for every rider.
Wide Rover Seat Frame and Mesh
Our Price: $208.95

Designed specifically to give riders more room on the seat of their Rover, this product would replace the stock seat frame and seat mesh. It is a great solution for those who feel unsupported by the stock seat style on the Rover, and is compatible with all Rover generations.