Speed Drive
Speed Drive

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For those who are always searching for a higher gear. If you want to be able to travel the length of a city block with one pedal revolution, you're going to love this product. Great for strong riders on long, level stretches of road. The speed drive will slow down your cadence which reduces your body movement and makes the trike very smooth even at high speeds.

The Schlumpf Speed Drive is on the left side of the picture. It has a double chain ring (36 tooth & 46 tooth) with an internal gear. You cannot add any additional chainrings to this product. The Speed Drive has a standard gear that is a 1:1 ratio and an "overdrive" gear that features a 1.65:1 gear ratio. If you're not yet a gear-inch nerd, click on the gear range link for a handy comparison chart.

For more information on how the Speed Drive works, go straight to the Schlumpf web site (

Compatible with all trikes we currently sell except the Tandem.

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